Make Sure Your Sewer Lines Are in Tiptop Shape

Arrange for a sewer scope inspection in Billings, MT

The last thing you want to do is experience sewer issues as soon as you move into a new home. To make sure your sewer lines are in good shape, get a sewer scope inspection from FirstIn Home Inspections, LLC in Billings, MT.

Using a high-quality video camera, we'll inspect your lateral sewer line for signs of damage. To get a pipe inspection from someone with over 14 years of experience, reach out to us today.

Why should you get a sewer scope inspection?

Why should you get a sewer scope inspection?

You may think your sewer line is protected because it’s underground. However, there are many ways it could sustain damage. Our pipe inspection experts often see damage due to:

  • Tree roots — Tree roots will grow into small pipe openings looking for nutrients and can cause clogs in pipes.
  • Disintegrating materials — Many homes built in the 1950s have tar paper sewer lines, which can disintegrate and collapse over time.

Even if you think a home’s sewer lines are new, an inspection will give you peace of mind and can help you avoid costly repairs. Schedule an appointment for a sewer scope inspection right away.