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Inspect for the Unexpected

Turn to our local home inspector in Billings, MT

Your home is one of your biggest investments, so make sure you stay on top of repairs and maintenance. A home inspection is the best way to uncover any hidden problems in and around your home.

FirstIn Home Inspections, LLC in Billings, MT is a certified home inspection company specializing in top-to-bottom home inspections. We can detect subtle issues in your home and alert you of any red flags we find.

When should you schedule a home inspection?

Your home's structure and systems never get a day off. Over time, important features may wear out, causing minor issues that can lead to bigger problems. Turn to a certified home inspector for home and mold inspection and radon testing services...

  • When you're buying or selling a home.
  • After you've sustained any type of storm damage.
  • When you're refinancing your home.
  • Every few years to avoid preventable damage.

Take advantage of our Stay at Home discount through the end of May. Contact our local home inspection company in Billings, MT to schedule your whole-home inspection today.

Protection against the unknown

FirstIn Home Inspections is an InterNACHI certified home inspector serving the greater Billings, MT community. Owned and operated by a local firefighter/paramedic, we have one goal in mind: to keep you and your family safe.

We offer reliable services and competitive, flat-rate pricing based on square footage.

From your roof to your basement, from your HVAC to your pool, you can trust us to find any potential hazards in your new home. Call to schedule your buyer's home inspection today.

Who Am I

My name is Jeff Crow, I was born and raised in Billings. For the past 14 years I have been dedicating my life to emergency medical services as a Paramedic. I am now a Firefighter with Lockwood Fire District. My training has a focus on paying attention to detail, which I can bring into your home inspection.